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Better Build Info

Better Build Info is a unique tool for advanced build & assets’ usage analysis.

It reads the build log, keeps track of scenes being built and digs into assets’ web of dependencies.

Available at Unity Asset Store (Better Build Info or Better Build Info PRO).

In case of any problems, please write to support@dmprog.pl


- Fix: if 7z executable is missing, check for 7za and 7zr.
- Fix: having both "Split Aplication Binary" and "Build App Bundle" enabled no longer causes an error for Android builds

- Added <b>syncSelection</b> option (enabled by default). If unchecked, BBI will not synchronize selection with the Project Window.

- Fix: Using Addressables 1.18+ no longer caues an exception to be thrown.

- Fix: Android App Bundle builds analyzed correctly.

- Added "Type", "CrunchedCompression" and "Readable" properties for textures
- Added "Readable" property for models
- Minor UI tweaks

- Experimental: added <b>checkAssetBundles</b> - enables Asset Bundles inspection. After a build all streaming assets that match filters defined by <b>Asset Bundle Filters</b> (by default "AssetBundles/*") are checked for being asset bundles and inspected. Results are listed as an additional column - Bundled Size. Warning: may be slow.
- StreamingAssets are now listed
- The tool no longer uses zipinfo to inspect APKs. Switched to 7z instead.

- Minor bug fixes.
- Odin no longer messes up Settings GUI.

- Added <b>useLegacyCallbacks</b> option, set to true by default (for now). Toggle it <b>off</b> to enable new experimental features, if you're on Unity 2018.3 or newer:
   * no need to call <b>NotifyBuildEnded</b> when in batch mode
   * editor log access not needed
   * trace usages of inlined prefabs (including nested and variants) across scenes
   * more accurate sizes
- <b>NotifyCloudBuildEnded</b> is deprecated.

- macOS editor log file location fix

- Linux compile fix
- Unity 2019 warning fix

- Fix for calculating scene sizes for Android builds on MacOS.

- Keyboard navigation is now supported.
- Default report extension changed to .bbi. It is still a Xml document and can be opened with a text editor etc., if needed.

- A new feature - <b>Compare reports!</b> Once you click <b>Compare With...</b> and select a report, each asset & each section in the overview will show how its size has changed (if it had), along with one of these icons:
✖ - asset removed
☀ - a new asset
▲ - size increaded
▼ - size decreased
- <b>Collect Assets Details</b> is enabled by default.
- <b>Total Size</b> column is now hidden by default, can be enabled in the settings.

- Scripts now have ScriptClass and ScriptReferences property captured. 
- Tip: to find MonoBehaviours that are not used on any scenes/resources type <b>ScriptReferences:"0"</b> into the search box (details collection required)

- Added <b>checkTexturesCompressedSize</b> setting. It estimates how much space texture actually takes in APK file (and other zip archives). Great for getting that Android build under 100 MB! To see the results, click on the little green plus ('+') sign right to "Total" column.
- Cloud Build works! Just make sure you call <b>BetterBuildInfo.NotifyCloudBuildEnded</b> in Post-Export Method (Advanced Settings). And get rid of <b>BETTERBUILDINFO_DISABLED</b> if it is defined. 
- <b>BETTERBUILDINFO_DISABLED</b> is now deprecated. Use <b>BETTERBUILDINFO_FORCE_DISABLED</b> and <b>BETTERBUILDINFO_FORCE_ENABLED</b> instead. Useful in the Cloud Build scenario!
- Bug fixes

- Decimal separators other than a dot are now supported

- Support for New Sprite Atlas assets
- Material keywords are now collected (if collecting details is enabled)

- Added <b>debugLogEnabled</b> setting - enabling it slows down analysis a great deal, but can help with troubleshooting.
- Level sizes are again supported for Unity 2017.1 or newer.

- Added <b>BetterBuildInfo.NotifyBuildEnded</b> - call it after invoking BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer in batchmode with Unity 5.6.2 or newer.

- Support for Unity 2017.1

- Workarounds for Unity 5.6.2 bugs

- Workarounds for Unity 5.6.1 bugs

- Added <b>Unused Assets</b> overlay
- Fixed debugger crash when using Mono Develop
- Size of DLLs is collected
- Faster grid for big projects

- Settings can no be moved to anywhere in the project.
- The tool recognizes -logFile command line option (best suitable for Continuous Integration scenerio).
- Number of lightmaps per level is collected.

- Added BetterBuildInfo.SetExpectedScenesPaths - call it before invoking BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer from script. More info in README.txt.

- Scene sizes for WebGL build (Unity 5.4.0 or newer)
- You can now use {svnrev} tag in the output path.

- Added "<b>Collect Assets Details</b>" option (disabled by default).
Enabling that option tells the tool to collects detailed assets information (texture format, static meshes vertiex count etc.), but increases build time a bit.
Once build with this option enabled has been analyzed and report opened, clicking on green "+" (plus sign) in the grid mode will show all available properties. You can also filter the grid/map view by typing "<b><property>:<value></b>" into the search box (like "format:rgb"). 
To see what info gets collected for which asset type, check README.txt.

- If you define <b>BETTERBUILDINFO_DISABLED</b> in Player Settings, the build report will not be generated, regardless of enabled flag. This may be useful for Cloud Builds and some continuous integration scenarios.

- Bug fixes.

- Bug fixes.
- Grid is faster for big projects.

<b>1.0.0</b> - First release!
Enjoy! Remember to check for updates in the Asset Store!